Solar Lights For Fence: [11 Facts You Should Know]

Looking for information on solar lights for fences – this guide covers 11 critical aspects of fence post lights

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Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 12:27 pm

Before you invest in your next solar lights for fence, read this guide:

How Do You Choose Best Solar Lights For Fence

There are many types of fence lights available in the market. So, I will give you a quick checklist you must consider:

  1. Design of solar fence light – it should allow for easy installation.
  2. Know where you will install the light
  3. Consider light wattage and lumen – with the knowledge about lumen per watt, you can determine the efficiency of the solar lights.
  4. Switching option – you may consider a fence light with a motion sensor or opt for a manual switch
  5. Type of solar module
  6. Battery – Most batteries can serve for 6 to 12 hours. Also, they may stop holding enough charge after one year.
  7. Material type – you can go for stainless steel with ABS and polycarbonate
  8. Mounting option
  9. Color options come in different colors, including auto color changing lights for a fence. Modern solar fence light with a microchip and the ability to change different lighting modes.
  10. Lighting time – you should evaluate battery capacity. You will know how long the solar lights for fence will light after full charge.
  11. Quality standards and certifications – a good light for your fence must comply with all safety testing standards. Some of the most common quality certifications include CE, UL, RoHS, IP, and FCC.

Installing Solar Lighting For Fence Post Tops

There are many ways of attaching solar light fences.

For example, some fence lights come with fully fabricated cup hooks. You can use clips or screws to secure the solar light on your fence.

solar fence light
Solar fence light, photo credits:Roshwey

Wattage For Fence Light

Consider the fence light wattage whether you want super bright solar fence lights or normal brightness. I can recommend 80 watts and below.

Here is a quick guideline on recommended wattage for outdoor lights. The wattage or lumen will depend on where you intent to install the fence lights for post

How do Solar Fence Lights Work?

These fence lights come equipped with both rechargeable batteries and small solar panels.

The panels will then charge the battery. At night, the electrical energy in the rechargeable batteries will then power the LED lights for a fence.

Some solar fence lights have automatic switches or sensors that automatically power lights ON/OFF when there is darkness.

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