LED Lights That Change Color

Modern color-changing LED lights feature WIFI controlled color changing capability, significant energy saving with unmatched features -learn more about the color changing LED light technology

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LED lights that change color

Last updated on February 14th, 2024 at 07:56 pm

So, what is unique about LED lights that change color?

It should be understood that an individual LED cannot change its color to a series of colors. For the color of the LED lights to change, the color changing LED is usually made up of about three separate LEDs in one casing.

The single LED casing incorporating the other LEDs should have a microcontroller to control and operate them.

The three present LEDs that are supposed to be used comprise blue, red, and green. Any of these colors will appear simultaneously. That is, whenever there is a current flow.

Moreover, when the current passes through two LEDs simultaneously, the result is a relevant combined color of the LEDs, which can be cyan, magenta, or yellow.

If different amounts of currents pass through the LEDs, the results create sheds among the six primary colors. Lastly, passing current into the previous three LEDs creates white light.

Uses Of LED Lights That Change Color

Color changing has numerous uses; for instance, they are used for decorative purposes by alternating the colors or cycling slowly through different colors.

It brings a unique and admirable impression since it’s more appealing to the audience. You can enhance your interior with color changing lights.

With the advancement in technology, you can choose LED color-changing string lights or color-changing LED strip lights. You can control some of these LED lights that change color with your smartphone.

LED Lights That Change Color
Color options for color-changing LED bulb

People Also Ask:

Are Color Changing LED Lights Durable?

Yes, these light are durable.

Most color changing LED lights have a lifespan of 25,000 hours to 50,000 hours.

Is LED Light Color and Color Temperature the same?

Well, the two may be confusing.

However, it is worth noting that the color temperature refers to the shade of white color LED lights emit.

Implying, you have either a warm or cool light. Usually, the unit of measurement for the color temperature is Kelvin.

With the Kelvin scale, cool colors have high Kelvin while warm colors have lower Kelvin.

At the same time, the LED colors refer to the original color LED light emits. Usually, it is based on the RGB.

LED Lights Don’t Change Colors; What Could Be The Problem?

If RGB strip lights are not changing colors – it could be due to the reverse polarity problem. You can flip the color-changing LED strip, then reconnect again.

How Do You Choose Best Color Changing LED Bulbs?

Whenever you are choosing LED lights that change color, consider the following:

  1. Application – you can use color changing LED lights in many areas, including under cabinets, bookshelves, kitchen, desks, etc.
  2. Technology – consider the technology the color changing LED bulb comes with. You may consider LED color changing light with remote control and WIFI controlled color changing bulb.
  3. Consider manufacturer, design, wattage, installation area, and quality certification
  4. Color option modes – color changing modes will vary depending on the lighting systems you are using.

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