High Wattage LED Bulb

High wattage LED bulbs may vary from 100w LED light to 150w LED light. High wattage LED bulbs to imply brighter light

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high wattage LED bulb - LED light specification

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 06:33 pm

Before we explore facts about high wattage LED bulbs, let’s look at some fundamental aspects:

First, LED light wattage determines the amount of power or electrical energy your LED lighting system requires. LED lights are known for their energy efficiency, thus significant cost savings.

I know you are probably wondering whether there are high wattage LED bulbs – well, we have several high wattages LED bulbs.

For instance, there are the 36 watts Philips LED bulbs. It produces 5000 lumens. It is one of the brightest LED bulb wattages on the market.

Can High Wattage LED Bulbs Fit All Light Fixture?

Well, you should know the rating of the LED light fixture and bulb. Remember, we use LED lights to replace high-wattage traditional bulbs.

Therefore, as you choose the light fixture, the LED bulb may have a higher wattage equivalent to that of the light fixture. However, the power consumption of the LED light must not exceed that of the light fixture.

Remember, high wattage light bulbs require specially designed light fixtures. It reduces overheating instances, which may melt sockets, bulb holders and wires.

Does High Watts LED Bulbs Imply Brighter Light?

High light wattage will guarantee brighter light.

For instance, an incandescent lamp rated 25 watts will produce about 250 lumens. While 40 watts incandescent bulb will produce 560 lumens.

Similarly, a 2w LED bulb to 3w LED bulb will produce about 250 lumens. On the other hand, a 10 watts LED light to 15 watts LED light will produce about 1100 lumens.


The LED light has varying wattage, depending on the chip and LED.

So, depending on the specific application requirements, you can consider brightness – say 5000 lumens LED bulb, or 36000 lumens LED light. That is a specification based on the brightness.

You may also base your classification on high wattage LED bulb power requirements. Where you may choose 100w LED light, or 150w LED light (Some LEDs may have higher light wattage).

There are so many brands available in the market.

Is Light Wattage in LED Bulbs same as Other Bulbs?

Not necessarily.

However, LED light bulbs offer significant cost savings. In fact, for a very low wattage rating, LED light lumen is relatively high. This cost saving aspect among other LED light advantages makes it perfect for most applications.

Let’s look at an estimate below:

LED Light BulbCompact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)Halogen lightLight Brightness
9 watts8 watts28 watts400
13 watts15 watts53 watts915
18 watts20 watts70 watts1295

As you can see, for a small wattage in LED, there is high light brightness compared to the CFL bulbs and Halogen bulbs.

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