LED Light Accessories: The Complete Guide

Explore types of LED light accessories. Know why you need each LED light accessory, function, and area of installation

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Last updated on February 14th, 2024 at 07:53 pm

LED light accessories are components, items, or parts you will use for the system to operate optimally.

These accessories for LED light systems range from insulating materials, coating components, adhesives, wires, and holders to hold batteries, heat transfer tapes, soldering irons, switches, and much more.

Types Of LED Light Accessories

LED Adhesives, Grease, Tape & Silicone Spray

LED lights accessories  adhesive for led strip light
Adhesive photo credits: aspectled

LED adhesives are used to join the parts without having to use fasteners that are unsightly and bulky.

The curable adhesive bonds for the Led lights. Depending on the types of bonding mechanisms, they are:

  • Strong
  • Offer better thermal conductivity (when using conductive bonding material)
  • Excellent resistance to water
  • Chemical resistance
  • Bonding accessories are environmentally

Silicone glue is a popular adhesive.

LED Strip Light Connectors

You will use these connectors to join the LED strip light during installation. Closely related to this is the standard LED light connector.

LED strip light connector
LED strip light connector

Adapter For LED Strip Lights

A 12v adapter for LED strip lights is popular in most lighting systems.

Remember, the LED strip lights use low voltage DC. Since your mains supply AC voltage, you need an adapter for LED strip lights.

Your LED strip light adapter will convert AC voltage to a voltage signal LED strip lights can use.

LED strip light adapter
LED strip light adpter

12V Power Supply For LED Lights

It supplies power to your LED lights. That is, it will regulate the power to a suitable signal for your LED lights.

LED light power supply
LED light power supply Photo credits:superbrightleds

In most cases, they also come with:

  • LED strip light connector or LED light connector
  • LED light extension cable

LED Light Connectors

There are many types of LED lights connectors, such as:

  • Pigtail adapters
  • Right angle connectors
  • Plug and play connectors
  • Interconnect jumper
  • Extension cable, etc.
  • End-to-end connector
  • Strip to wire connector

LED Light Fixture

It is a system that holds LED light bulbs. They come in different configurations and styles depending on the unique requirements of the LED lighting system.

For instance, chandeliers, pendants, or flood lights have different types of light fixtures. Of course this also include light installation accessories.

In-line Dimming Controller For LED Light

You will use this accessory to control your LED light lights. You can use it to:

  • Change brightness of LED lights
  • Mix different colors of LED lights

Today, we have Wi-Fi LED light controllers. PWM LED dimmers are popular today.

PWM LED dimmer
PWM LED dimmer

LED Light Switch

You will use this LED light accessory to switch LED lights ON/OFF. Of course, the light switching systems come in different configurations. Some modern lighting systems have automatic switches. In such situations, you must check the sensor type.

LED Strip Light Splitters

You will use this LED light accessory to connect multiple LED strip lights to one power source.

LED strip light splitter


These are strip light extension cables.

Other LED light accessories include:

  • LED aluminum channels
  • End Caps
  • Clips
  • Terminal Block

Usually, the accessories for LED lighting systems may vary depending on the light design and functionality.

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