Buying LED Bedroom Ceiling Lights

When choosing LED lights for your bedroom ceiling consider wattage, lumen, temperature, design, installation mechanism...learn more

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There are many types of LED bedroom ceiling lights available in the market today. They vary in designs, wattage and functionalities.

 Best LED Light For Bedroom Ceiling

Layering lights in your bedroom is key to achieving maximum comfort. That said, LED ceiling lights should be the main source of light but not the only one in your space. Your LED ceiling lights should illuminate the space while at the same time leaving other areas dimmer.

A good example of an ideal ceiling light is the semi-flush ceiling light.

How Many Lumens Should Bedroom Ceiling LED Lights Have?

Averagely, your bedroom ceiling lights should have 10-20 lumens per square foot. The minimum lumen requirement for your bedroom will be dependent on the size of your room. To calculate this, simply multiply the number of square feet your room covers by 10. 

For example, if your room is 2000 square feet, you will require 20,000 lumens. On the other hand, multiply your room’s square feet by 20 for a brighter appearance.

Choosing the Right Size of LED Bedroom Ceiling Light

Choosing the right size of bedroom ceiling light is important to ensure uniformity in your room. Having a large ceiling light can take away the attention of other areas you’d want to focus and a small light wouldn’t be pleasant either. Therefore, here is how you can choose the right size for your bedroom LED ceiling light:

First things first, take measurements of the length and width of your room (in feet). Then add the two values to get the diameter of the lighting fixture to purchase. Here is what I’m talking about.

If your room measures 20ft by 20 ft, the LED ceiling light to purchase should have a diameter of 40 inches. Use this trick whenever you are purchasing your ceiling light and you’ll never go wrong with the sizes.

Types of Ceiling Lights for Bedroom

When it comes to LED bedroom ceiling lights, you may consider any of the following options;

  • LED Pendant Lights – they are known to help maximize the space within the bedroom. Unlike LED chandelier lights, usually, they have either one or more bulbs.
  • LED Chandelier Lights – another option you can consider for your bedroom lighting are the LED chandelier lighting.  These lights have many arms with different styles of LED lights.
  • LED Recessed Lights – These lights are installed directly into the ceiling. In case you bedroom ceiling is relatively low, then you should consider recessed lights for your bedroom ceiling.
  • LED Track Light for Bedroom – this is yet another option you may consider for your bedroom. You can easily install these bedroom lights to cast lights on a specific area within your bedroom.

Apart from these 4 main type of LED bedroom ceiling lights, these ideas will help you get the most from lighting systems:

  1. Know the theme for your bedroom
  2. Keep is simple
  3. Considering layered outlook can be effective
  4. Choose high quality lights
  5. Directional lighting idea can be effective
  6. Ensure your bedroom lighting makes a statement
  7. Consider the space between the ceiling and floor or bed
  8. Decorative lighting can also be affective in bedroom

At times, choosing an appropriate lighting for the bedroom can be an overwhelming task, that here we are here to help.

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