50 Best LED Light Brands in 2024

If you are looking for some of the best LED light brands then we have compiled top 50 options from different countries

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Last updated on January 13th, 2024 at 05:42 pm

If you are looking for some of the best LED light brands then we have compiled top 50 options from different countries.

LED Light-emitting diode(led) is a device that passes light when electric current pass through them.

LED  commonly used in both indoors and outdoors and there are several led light brand like Nachia, Philips LG,  Acuity ,Cree, Eaton ,GE lighting, osram, Samsung among others.

Types of LED Light Brands


Acuity brand was established in 2001 with its headquarter in Atlanta in United States. Acuity specializes in lighting control and daylighting system. This LED light manufacturer specializes in both indoors and outdoors lighting.


Cree was established in 1987 in North Carolina in United States. Cree is one of the LED lights brands with popular in most lighting systems today.


Easton was established in 1911 in Dublin Republic of Ireland. Eaton lighting delivers a broad range of innovation and reliable outdoors and indoors lighting. This includes both commercial and industrial utility.

GE Lighting

GE lighting was established in 1911 in East Cleveland, Ohio in USA. They are also know for how they save energy and there durability. It is one of the best LED light brands in the word.

GE LED light bulb

GE LED Light bulb


Philips was founded in 1891 in Eindhoven in Netherlands. Philips main purpose was to provide cost effective and reliable light bulbs for everyone. It also provide a high quality lighting system suitable for everyone. Philips bulbs is one of the best LED light brands that had remained a house-hold name for a long time.

Philips LED Light bulb brands

Philips lighting bulbs


Osram was established in 1919 in Munich Germany. Osram manufacture’s opt-semiconductor products used in various application both indoors and outdoors, horticulture etc.

OSRMA one of the best LED light brands

Osram lighting bulbs


Samsung was founded in 1995 in South Korea in Seoul. Samsung offers modules for a variety of application in display, mobile automobile and smart lighting solution.


Nichia was founded in Japan.Nichia deals with the production and distribution of phosphors led and laser diodes. Nichia is also known for creating blue led and white led in 1993.


LG was established in 1958 in South Korea specializes in designing, producing and distribution of electronic materials and components.

Ever light.

Everlight is established in Taiwan. Ever light provides a wide range of products for various industries including lighting components, lamps digital display and led lighting modules.

Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul semiconductor was established in Korea. Seoul Semiconductor produce modules and specializes in producing led for the automotive, backlight and general lighting markets.

Seoul semiconductor modules for backlighting


Panasonic was established in 1918 in Japan. Panasonic is one of the largest producers of consumer electronics that provides good service like rechargeable batteries.

Xiamen Yanko Energetic Lighting.

Xiamen Yankon was founded in 1975 in Haicang district in China. Xiamen manufactures and distribute led light products.

Zhong Sham MLS Co LTD.

Zhohgshan was established in 1997 in Zhongshan Guangdong in china. Zhongshan is an international brand that deals with led packaging, led application products and led lighting manufacturer.

Zhejiang Klite Lighting holdings

Zhejiang Klite Lighting was established in 2003 in Ningbo, Zhejiang in china. They produce products that are durable and reliable, there products include led strip lights, led bulbs among other products.

Opple Lighting Electric.

Opple was established in 1996 in Mishanga district, Shanghai in china. Opple produce smart, professional and led Lighting.They also offer traditional lighting solution and total electric integration of homes.

NVC Lighting Technology Corporation.

NVC Lighting was established in 1998 Huizhou, Guangdong. NVC provide both indoors and outdoor led Lighting and led screen.

Xiamen Lonestar Lighting company LTD .

Xiamen was established in 2002 in China, xiangan district. Xiamen is an energy saving Lighting products and reliable.

FSL Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co LTD.

Fsl was established in 1958 in Foshan, Guangdong in China.Fsl produces best quality and offers both indoors and outdoors led Lighting.

Nationastar based

Nationstar based was established in 1969 in China.Nationstar specializes in fabricating GaN led Chips for Lighting, display and backlight.


Xicato was established in Netherlands. Xicato focuses on providing smart energy-efficient led Lighting solution.

Sanan Optoelectronic Co LTD

Sanan was founded in China, Xiamen city. Sanan deals with the production and manufacturing of full-colur, ultra-high brightness and wafers.


Trilux was established in 1912 in Arnsberg, Germany.Trilux focuses in developing and producing electric light and light fixtures, colour control system,manual control and other outdoors light management.


Thorn was founded in 1930 in Europe.Thron specializes in led Lighting solution for both indoors and outdoors.They also provide a perfect Lighting for any occasion.


Soraa was established in Europe,it offers a broad spectrum of colors  that  can create a perfect ambience for any occasion and they are long term.

Soraa LED lighting system

Soraa lighting


Murphy was established in 1972 in India. Murphy provides a panel light in India; it also offers a full spectrum of Lighting solution.

Bajaj Electrical

Bajaj was founded in 1938 in India.Bajaj provides a product made with cutting-edge technology while combining integrity, empowerment and trust. It also enhances illumination and its products are durable.

Bridgelux Inc

Bridgelux was established in 2002 in United States.Bridgelux provides high power led rays and led chip products in neutral and warm-white lighting solution. It focuses in reducing energy consumption.

Feit Electric company.

Feit electrical was established in 1978 California in United States. Feit manufacture’s residential Lighting fixtures.

Hubbell Incorporate.

Hubbell was founded in 1905 in United States.Hubbell manufacture’s and distributes electrical and electronics products


Surya was founded in 1973 in India.It is mainly Know for manufacturing steel tubes, their low maintenance cost and the durability of their products.


Havells was founded in 1958 in India. It is majorly known for power distribution equipments.

Zumtobel group.

Zumtobel is a top LED brand from Europe. This LED brand are suitable residential and commercial.

Winson LED Brand

Winson Lighting technology was established in 2006 in Shenzhen Guangdong in China. Winson is known for their LED Lighting solution including wall lights, strip light, light bulbs etc.

Zhangzhou leedarson Lighting

Zhanghou was established in 2000 in Xiamen in China.They mainly deal with led Lighting solution, led bulbs and automated Lighting solution for Internet.


Sharp was founded in Japan. Sharp offers high specifications for Lighting in industries and retail sectors.

Cooper Lighting

Cooper lighting was established in 1997 in India.They offer both indoors and outdoor led Lighting solution to residential and other similar industries.


Megaman was established in Europe in 1994. It has a dimming capability feature, low glare design and innovative cooling system and saves energy cost.


Fagerhult has a monitor senser that saves electricity in such away it goes off when no one is in the room.

Koninklijke Philips

Koninklijke is one of the leading led manufactures in Europe. They produce art products that combine energy efficiency and high quality.


Goldmedal was established in 1979 in India.Goldmedal have a wide range of innovation products or modular switches, cables, fan and home automation.

TCL Lighting

This LED light brand was established in Guangdong in China. The available LED light options include LED bulb, LED ceilings lights, LED panel light.

Huayi Lighting

Huayi Lighting company was established in China.Huayi is one of the best LED light brands that deals with track lighting, huayi walls light, led wall washes. It aims to develop classic products.


Yankon was established in Zhejiang in China.Yakon is known for bulb manufactures for energy efficient light fixtures.


Halonix was established in 2009 in India. These LED light products include tube lights, garden lights, decorative lights and table lamps.

Halonix LED tube lighting

LED tube lights from Halonix


Polycab was established in 1956 in India.Polycab is known for manufacture of cables and wires. Its led products include bulbs, streets lights, garden lights and decorative lights.

Crompton Greaves

Crompton was established in 1878 in Mumbai India.cromptom led products include bulbs, tube lights, spot light and desk lamp.


Syska was established in 1989 in India.Syska led products include tube lights, panel lights among others.


Wipro led products include, down lights, surface mount, luminaries, linear lamp and desk light.


Eveready was established in India. It is known for its quality and long-lasting products. Currenly, Eveready manufactures LED bulbs for many applications.


Led lighting is one of the largest brands in the world that is used by people in their daily life’s. When choosing led, customers prefer the brand with the best quality, function, it’s warranty and after sales services. With these best LED light brands, probably you can choose one for your application.

If you are planning to import these lighting system from China, then consider these top LED lights manufacturers in China.

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