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Learn why LED strip lights are best for your boats - from color changing options, energy efficiency, safety and durability... learn more

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Last updated on March 21st, 2024 at 01:42 pm

LED strip boat lights are installed on the boat to add visibility at night and beauty to the boat. These lights are:

  • Energy efficient
  • Resistant to vibration
  • Fully UV protected

As long as you choose the best LED strip light brand, they will serve you well in yachts, fishing boats, speed boats, or any other vessel.

LED strip boat lights come in different colors like green, blue, amber, white, blue, orange, and red. These lights are flexible. Therefore, they can fit anywhere thus making it a perfect ideal to elevate the interior and exterior design of your boat.

Benefits of LED Strip Boat Lights

Energy efficient – LED strip boat lights use less energy and consume less power than other traditional forms of Lighting. Therefore, they save both energy and cost.

Versatile color options – Their ability to change color makes it even more suitable for it can be used in different areas.

Multiple applications – LED boat strip lights have several applications that can suit the boat’s general task. For example, you can use these lights for both interior and exterior applications.

Waterproof design – LED strips have a good IP rating that enables them to withstand harsh weather conditions like storms and rain. It should be waterproof to avoid corrosion of the LED strip light. Whenever you choose any underwater lights, always go for an IP68 rating.

Durable – LED strip lights are made with durable materials and thus do not get faulty easily. They can withstand the harsh weather of the water conditions. You will not experience any rust or reduced performance due to moisture.

Dimmable – The dimming features of LED strip lights allow you to adjust the lighting effects to your requirement for instance when fishing at night.

How to Choose LED Strip Boat Lights

LED strip lights for boats

There are many types of LED boat lights available in the market. However, the question always arises on when to choose strip lights for boats. Or, what exactly you should consider whenever you are choosing strip lights for marine applications?

·         IP Rating

It will be better to go for IP68-rated LED lights for boats. An IP rating is an indication of the degree of protection for your LED strip lights. Remember, you need a virtually waterproof strip light.

A boat lighting system that can withstand prolonged exposure to water, moisture, and even salty environments in the sea.

·         Color

Choosing LED underwater lights that change is a fascinating idea. Choosing the right LED strip light color helps in navigation. The red and green color helps to indicate the right and the left side of the boat while mostly bright colors like blue and green help to make the boat more visible at night.

·         LED Density

LED density is the total number of LED chips mounted per meter. LED density determines the lighting effects.

·         Length

LED strip lights are usually five meters reels. You can cut the strip up to the desired length. Alternatively, you can connect them to a desired length you want.

·         Voltage

LED strip lights have low-voltage lighting fixtures that make them ideal for boat use. The low voltage is an important safety measure for boat lights.

Installing LED Strip Lights on Boats

Installing boat lights is straightforward. However, the procedure may vary slightly depending on the LED strip light design.

Always read the LED strip light manufacturer’s instructions. We can summarize the process as:

  1. Purchase high-quality LED strip lights for boats from reputable suppliers or brand
  2. Confirm if the light meets the right specifications and standards
  3. Select and prepare where you intend to install the LED strip light on the boat
  4. Ensure you have the right installation accessories
  5. Measure the surface area or length of the boat where you wish to install the light
  6. Size the strip LED strip lights
  7. Mount the LED strip light on your boat. You can use the installation clips or use the adhesive backing. You should ensure the LED strip light sticks on the boat surface.
  8. Test the boat lights and ensure they are working properly. That is, you should confirm the brightness, angle of illumination, ability to change color (for color-changing boat lights), etc.

In short, LED strip lights offer a flexible way to light your boats. Apart from conforming to regulations for navigation lights, or marine safety requirements, you can also decorate your boat’s interior.

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